Our Mission

Through the development of leadership skills, Operation Snowball shall be a youth and adult partnership, providing awareness and prevention of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, while encouraging healthy decision-making in an active community of caring


Operation Snowball got its start back in 1977 in Rockford, IL when some participants of the Illinois Teenage Institute (ITI) came back to their community and thought, "we could do ITI back home!" Thus, Operation Snowball was created. In 1979, Operation Snowball, Inc. was created to make to program stronger and to spread the snowball idea to other communities.

Operation Snowball is founded on the belief that youth and adults can make responsible decisions when provided with factual information and an opportunity to develop an understanding of one's self and motivations.

What is Operation Snowball?

Operation Snowball acts as a prevention (not therapy) program for youth (and the not-so-youth!) to offer a variety of resources on healthy lifestyles, leadership and communication skills, and an opportunity to meet other people in their communities who share the ideals of a drug-free life. Snowballs, as they are commonly referred to, usually happen over an entire weekend in the form of a lock-in. Snowballs also can happen in one day and in other styles. Typically there are speakers and presentations for people to listen to and interact with as well as discussion groups to process the information. And of course there are plenty of fun activities for everyone to get involved with. Snowballs are not just an overnight event, meetings and drug free fun are continued throughout the year.

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OS Chapters

Snowball chapters act as change agents in their communities. They work on community campaigns such as Red Ribbon Week, Drunk and Drugged Drinking Month, Alcohol Awareness Month and others. Chapters go beyond "just say no" to embrace a more complete and effective strategy to prevent harmful behavior and promote healthy communities. When individuals decide to say yes or no to drugs, they are influenced by their environment, including things like social norms, media messages, accessibility, and laws, rules, and policies. When young people become involved in efforts such as these, they not only help their communities; they help themselves grow into competent, confident, responsible, connected, productive members of society.

To request information on becoming an accredited Operation Snowball Chapter please email Operation Snowball, Inc. and we will be happy to send you an accreditation packet or you can download information at the bottom of this page.